Welcome! My health problems add craziness to my life. Here I post ideas I've tried, also questions I'm still asking. I have an electrolyte disorder. So I have crazy neuro stuff like complicated migraines, alkalosis, loosing my speech and paralysis. (including legs and hands) Little by little, foods had to go, they affected my brain and immune system. So I avoid like the plague: soy, dairy, gluten, nightshades, and try to avoid refined sugar. My body requires pink salt and electrolytes. I now use a speedy red wheelchair that I love. I've craved a simpler life, but how do you do that with crazy health stuff? I've already had a fire and flood, so I really don't value possessions. I value people and experiences. I am not compensated for any posts, just my opinions.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Simplifying my "To-Do" list

My new "to do" lists. Well used boards! Can click to view larger image.

During a super hectic time in my life, I had a super long to-do list. A whole page in tiny print, and several columns. Appointments I had to make, phone calls I had to remember, etc.  So much stuff, I couldn’t remember hardly anything anymore, so I started writing everything down. My friend saw it and said, “This is crazy! Who has time for all that? I couldn’t do half of this in a month! Can I throw this paper way for you and you can just forget and start over?” The thought was tempting but I answered I couldn’t because this was all stuff I had to do after our fire. We had an electrical fire that started in the walls of our house. Crazy stuff. Insurance paperwork, replacing stuff, calls with the builders…. I told myself after the fire the lists had to get drastically shorter. They got somewhat shorter, but there was always crazy stuff happening, just life. I had two dry erase boards, about 8x10 in size. One was mine & one was my husband’s, stuff we needed to do, both boards on the fridge. But the lists were so long they just weren’t getting looked at anymore. So then I took my board and changed it to just “this must happen today”. Then maybe one or two wishes. Example of must happen: “9AM Dr apt, 3PM music lesson”. Then for wishes: “grocery run”. If grocery run didn’t make it that day it could be done the next day. Maybe in two days it would be listed as "This must happen." Only a few words on the board were much more effective. Then my husband’s board changed to just top 3 things I needed him to do. And the dinner plan for today and tomorrow. Every night before bed, I check my Google calendar and update the boards with what everyone can expect the next two days. It’s so much less stressful! 
What have you done to simplify your to-do list? Or do you even have a "to do" list?

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