Welcome! My health problems add craziness to my life. Here I post ideas I've tried, also questions I'm still asking. I have an electrolyte disorder. So I have crazy neuro stuff like complicated migraines, alkalosis, loosing my speech and paralysis. (including legs and hands) Little by little, foods had to go, they affected my brain and immune system. So I avoid like the plague: soy, dairy, gluten, nightshades, and try to avoid refined sugar. My body requires pink salt and electrolytes. I now use a speedy red wheelchair that I love. I've craved a simpler life, but how do you do that with crazy health stuff? I've already had a fire and flood, so I really don't value possessions. I value people and experiences. I am not compensated for any posts, just my opinions.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Attempts to simplify food, with tons of restrictions

I have a lot of food restrictions. I can't eat gluten (wheat, barley, rye), dairy (from cows), soy, and nightshades (tomato, peppers-including spices like cayenne, eggplant, potato family). So it's really hard to think what I can have. Especially if I've had a bad day, my kitchen's still a mess, and I'm without a plan before the dinner hour. Planning ahead is so important to ease my stress with food. And yes, I usually find the thought of food very stressful.

My current project is trying to compile a list of foods I can have, so that when it's a little more stressful, I don't have to think so hard. Most cookbooks, I can only eat one or two recipes in a book. I borrow cookbooks from the library for ideas. I got some simple cooking magazines for a few years to try to help. So I've been pulling out of the magazines only recipes I could really eat, without tons of edits. If the whole recipe is based on tomato and eggplant, there's just no point for me to hold on to it. It becomes clutter. I'm down to my last few magazines, of pulling out recipes. I recycled the magazine and had lots more space in my office.

Then I've been taking all my recipes, from scans, emails, etc and I've put them into one place, easily accessible, into my Evernote. I shared the recipe notebook with my husband. So it's accessible to the cooks in the house. I can also see those notes and recipe amounts on my phone in the store, because I have the Evernote app on my phone.

One last thing I'm trying to do with my list, is thinking really simple in general. I tagged the month name on each recipe in Evernote, so I can think more of cooking with what's in season. I'm also looking for really simple things to list. Example: My husband found a delicious organic polenta that cooks in one minute! I stir fry or steam some fresh produce from the farmers market, like asparagus and squash, and serve that over the polenta. A very satisfying meal for me, that's literally a few minutes, and that doesn't cause any bad reactions inside of me. I also love making fresh salads from what's available at the market. Definitely a work in progress. But I have a plan, and I'm working at it!

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