Welcome! My health problems add craziness to my life. Here I post ideas I've tried, also questions I'm still asking. I have an electrolyte disorder. So I have crazy neuro stuff like complicated migraines, alkalosis, loosing my speech and paralysis. (including legs and hands) Little by little, foods had to go, they affected my brain and immune system. So I avoid like the plague: soy, dairy, gluten, nightshades, and try to avoid refined sugar. My body requires pink salt and electrolytes. I now use a speedy red wheelchair that I love. I've craved a simpler life, but how do you do that with crazy health stuff? I've already had a fire and flood, so I really don't value possessions. I value people and experiences. I am not compensated for any posts, just my opinions.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Carrying things, but still keeping two hands on my wheels

My purse from Sasha Leather (used with permission)
I need to keep my phone and wallet with me. When I put stuff in my pockets, they fell out and hit my wheels. When I carried stuff on my lap, it flew to the floor. I pondered how to carry my phone and wallet while still keeping my hands on my wheels.

I sometimes loose my speech. So I use my phone to text my family that I need electrolytes or that I'm stuck.  I also have an app on my phone. It speaks what I'm typing, to help me communicate what I need help with.

I thought if I could wear something around my neck, then my hands would be free to push the wheelchair. I have weight restrictions and bad disks in my neck. So I needed just the minimum. I looked for ideas on Google images. At first I thought something like the passport carriers looked good. But they were a little bigger than I wanted. I saw this image above from Sasha Leather and knew it was exactly what I was looking for. It was the perfect size to fit my moto x phone. The image led me to an Etsy shop, where I purchased it. There's a little pocket inside to hold cards. I keep my debit card, ID and and handicap parking card in there, with my phone. When I go into a store, all I need is this little purse. Before I leave the house, I take out cards I may need on my trip. Like if I'm going to the library, I add my library card to my purse. There are other things I need to keep with me, like pink salt, electrolytes, water and snack. But I don't need to carry all that all the time, I just need it close by or easily accessible. I keep my small backpack or cooler in the car. If I get stuck and need my electrolytes right away, I can just send one of my kids to the car to retrieve it. I've seen people add bags to their wheelchair, but I don't know how to stay balanced in my chair with weight or bulkiness of bags added to my chair. I'm rather accident prone and thought bags attached to my chair would be disastrous.

This case is leather (durable), light weight, and I think its pretty cute. Its been a great, affordable adaptation for me. I was not compensated for this post, just really happy with my purchase and wanted to share about this great adaptation for me. Here's the link to the store if you are interested:  Sasha Leather (Etsy shop)

PS. Other things I'm working on to carry stuff, (future posts): I got a picnic basket to set on my lap to try to carry stuff around my house or in the store. I'm using a 3 tiered rolling cart in my kitchen. And I'm working on an apron that Velcros in front, so I don't have bulky ties between my back and the chair.

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