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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Clarisa- deaf blind

I was told about this Facebook page.  Clarisa is deaf and blind. I really love the video of the dad titled, "I am so thankful for Clarisa". I love that he holds his daughter while he signs about how he loves her. On the FaceBook page in the "about" section it says, "Clarisa Vollmar is a DeafBlind baby. Instead of being an object of pity, she has inspired many people around the world. She is a beacon of hope!" .....So since I can't figure out how to link to that video, I hope you'll go check it out. 
Clarissa has a go fund me page. https://www.gofundme.com/ClarisaVollmar Her page has a cute picture of her laying in a basket of small balls. It says "Her videos has collectively over 5 million views in a year! Your donation for would enable us to continue make instructional and inspiring videos on Facebook, all for without charging anyone."

I have a young family member born deaf and blind. He's made huge strides. With surgeries he can hear and see a little now. He's happy, always has been. Everything is funny and a game to him. If anyone were to pity him, that would be silly. He would wonder why. I doubt anyone with disabilities wants pity or finds it helps anything. Most people I talk to are very averse to it. Personally I find it just wastes time that can be spent trying to figure out new ways to do things. Or time that could be spent reading a book while eating chocolate.  I'm really enjoying these videos and seeing this family learn and discover cool stuff.

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