Welcome! My health problems add craziness to my life. Here I post ideas I've tried, also questions I'm still asking. I have an electrolyte disorder. So I have crazy neuro stuff like complicated migraines, alkalosis, loosing my speech and paralysis. (including legs and hands) Little by little, foods had to go, they affected my brain and immune system. So I avoid like the plague: soy, dairy, gluten, nightshades, and try to avoid refined sugar. My body requires pink salt and electrolytes. I now use a speedy red wheelchair that I love. I've craved a simpler life, but how do you do that with crazy health stuff? I've already had a fire and flood, so I really don't value possessions. I value people and experiences. I am not compensated for any posts, just my opinions.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Exercising- Working Through My Muscle Issues

I've now worked harder at getting healthier for 5 months! I met 2 out of 3 goals. My goals in Sep 2016 were:
1) Lose half a pound a week.
2) Work up to a half hour of exercise, 5 days a week.
3) Keep a food diary.
Results: I only lost 4 pounds, but I'm exercising much more than I thought possible in only 5 months. I've struggled with exercise intolerance for several years. My muscles don't hurt, they just usually stopped working at the 10-minute exercise point. I began exercising 10 minutes per day, trying low key exercises for seniors. Then I worked up to 10 minutes twice a day, then 3 times a day. Then I started exercising 20 minutes at one time. Now I exercise an hour per day without any muscle issues. I also start and end each day with stretching. Bad muscle days still happen, but less frequently now.
I use the "My Fitness Pal" app to track food, exercise and goals. I think it’s an excellent app to improve health. (I used the free version) The most surprising find for me, was to see that I regularly only got 1/4 of the US daily recommended amount of calcium and sodium. I mistakenly thought I had those 2 electrolytes balanced enough. Most foods I eat are naturally low in sodium. I wasn't aiming to eat low sodium, it just happened. Adding more sodium/chloride has made a huge improvement in my life, especially with alkalosis. My doctor said I still need to take more chloride, and gave me a new goal for that. I told my doctor I was rather discouraged I didn't lose more weight with so much hard work. My doctor explained I need to be more patient with my body. There's still too many variables that need to be under control longer before my body will start losing weight. I'll continue working on my healthy goals, subtracting the weight loss goal for now. My doctor endorses my plan and encouraged me to keep trying even though it's hard not seeing more outward results. Patience is so hard, I wanted more weight loss by now!

The most helpful thing for my exercise stamina, was finding a workout geared towards my muscle issues. When I first got the Wheely Good Fitness DVD, I was still struggling to make it through 20-minute low key workouts without my muscles locking up. This workout was way more challenging and intense than anything I had ever tried, as well as twice my endurance length of time! But I was able to do this work out the first time I tried it. I found the instructor motivating, encouraging and sometimes humorous. Kris has muscle problems himself which I think is why his workout works so well for me. Both the aerobic and weights workout always make me feel amazingly better. They loosen up my muscle tightness, make me stronger, clear my head and have been a huge help alleviating pinched disk pain. When I feel disk pain, I start up the weight routine. Previously during bad pain days, I just did 2 pound weights, stretching and rested. But the last two weeks, I also tried my aerobic exercises. It quickly stopped the pain, was more effective then resting, and helped me pull through the episodes. I'm surprised yet grateful to see my body can do that now.

I've decided that despite little weight loss, I've been rather successful after all! Gaining physical strength gives me more independence. I'm starting to figure out how to balance my health things. I'm trying to be more patient with my body, because I’m realizing it's working hard to overcome a lot. My body simply needs more time of what I'm doing to get healthier.

I love this workout! I got my DVD on Amazon. Today I saw this is available as part of Amazon Prime streaming. I bought the Wheel Fit wheelchair aerobics Level 1. Here's the website if interested. I am not compensated for this post. I just feel it's made a big impact on my efforts to get healthier: http://wheelygoodfitness.com/