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Monday, April 3, 2017

Public transportation, tips in a wheelchair

This video posted on Spinalpedia REALLY inspired me. Check it out for great tips regarding venturing out using public transportation. I used to live in Los Angeles. I rode the buses there daily, when I was still young, walking and feeling healthier. It was fun to watch him get out and around, because it felt more possible, seeing someone else do it rather easily. One thing he mentioned that I'd never heard before, was disability passes; and that many US cities offer discounts, some at 50% off. I live in part of the DC Metro area. So as soon as I finished watching the video, I checked to see if there were options like this where I live. I looked up the VRE (commuter train), that runs on the Amtrak rails, and the Washington DC Metro (buses and rails).  The websites were very helpful, and all my questions were answered in the FAQ, and application instructions. I downloaded the applications on both the VRE site, and Metro site to take to my doctor. My doctor wrote that I need a wheelchair, that it's permanent, and that I need a companion. I'm not strong enough to go out by myself. I mailed in the VRE application. The Metro, you have to go in person. That was a little tricky for me because they aren't open on the weekend. So my husband took a weekday off, and we went up to Washington DC.

I hadn't gone out for a whole day for 9 months, so this was rather exciting and encouraging for me. Thankfully I figured out how to address some digestive challenges so I could stay out longer without feeling sick. It's a little scary to try to get out and about, feeling limited physically and also food allergy limitations. I got a pass for the Metro for me, and a discount card for a caregiver to travel with me. My cards are good for 5 years. There's a lot of people with various disabilities that can't drive. So I think it's great there's programs like this to help make transportation possible and more affordable. I've been wanting to do several things for awhile in DC. Now I can look online at schedules, rates etc. My disability/discount passes count as smart cards too. It's been a year since I stopped being able to drive. I thought this was a great way to celebrate, with a new way to get out and about again. Looking forward to some new adventures soon!

Here is a link to the website Spinalpedia: https://spinalpedia.com/ They have over 7,000 videos. Most of the people in the videos use wheelchairs and show how they adapted to do various things, like the video in this post.  Spinalpedia posts a lot on Pinterest, but I think you need to set up an account (free) to view most of the videos on the site.

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